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Jonathan Johnson
Dana White
Dana Shealy
Shealy, 1-1
Dana Shealy 450 sq
Jacqueline Shealy
Dana Dille

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Dana Shealey Overcomes Odds | Powerlifting Watch
unknown  Wed, 27 May 2009 06:14:18 -0700
With a slew of great individual performances at this year's SPF Powerlifting and Bench Press National Championships, it might be hard to pick just one as the most impressive. Dana Shealey's squat of 365 pounds and deadlift ...

Powerlifter Dana Shealy's Strength Comes From The Heart ...
JamieD  Mon, 01 Jun 2009 13:30:16 -0700
Powerlifter Dana Shealy's Strength Comes From The Heart Total Pro Sports – To squat 365 pounds and deadlift 315 is hard enough for any individual. For Dana Shealy, the task is much more difficult, but one that she has ...

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