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Colorado Court Sentence Man To 8 Years For Murdering A ...
Oceania TV News  Sun, 06 Jul 2014 21:52:48 -0700
A Colorado Springs man responsible for shooting a young Palauan son has been sentenced to serve eight years in prison. On June 23, 2014, Mathew DeJong was sentenced by a Colorado Springs court to serve a maximum ...

Diagnostics - Annals of Oncology - Oxford Journals
Einert, T. R., Schmidt, G., Binnig, G., Balacescu, O., Balacescu, L., Rus, M., Buiga, R., Tudoran, O., Todor, N., Nagy, V., Irimie, A., Neagoe, I., Yacobi, R., Ustaev, E., Berger, R. R., Barshack, I., Kaur, K., Henderson, S., Cutts, A., Domingo, E., Woods, J., Motley, C., Dougherty, B., Middleton, M., Hassan, B., Wang, Y., Beasley, E., Naley, M., Schuh, A., Tomlinson, I., Taylor, J., Planchard, D., Lueza, B., Rahal, A., Lacroix, L., Ngocamus, M., Auger, N., Saulnier, P., Dorfmuller, P., Le Chevalier, T., Celebic, A., Pignon, J. P., Soria, J. C., Besse, B., Sun, Y. H., Wang, R., Li, C. G., Pan, Y. J., Chen, H. Q., Chouchane, L., Shan, J., Kizhakayil, D., Aigha, I., Dsouza, S., Noureddine, B., Gabbouj, S., Mathew, R., Hassen, E., Chouchane, L., Shan, S., al-Rumaihi, K., al-Bozom, I., al-Said, S., Rabah, D., Farhat, K., Kizhakayil, D., Aigha, I., Jakobsen Falk, I. A., Green, K. H. Z., Lotfi, K., Fyrberg, A., Pejovic, T., Li, H., Mhawech-Fauceglia, P., Hoatlin, M., Guo, M. G., Huang, M., Ge, Y., Hess, K., Wei, C., Zhang, W., Bogush, T. A., Dudko, E. A., Nureev, M. V., Kamensky, A. A., Polotsky, B. E., Tjulandin, S. A., Davydov, M. I., Caballero, M., Hasmats, J., Green, H., Quanz, M., Buhler, C., Sun, J. S., Dutreix, M., Cebotaru, C. L., Buiga, R., Placintar, A. N., Ghilezan, N., Balogh, Z. B., Reiniger, L., Rajnai, H., Csomor, J., Szepesi, A., Balogh, A., Deak, L., Gagyi, E., Bodor, C., Matolcsy, A., Bozhenko, V. K., Rozhkova, N. I., Kudinova, E. A., Bliznyukov, O. P., Vaskevich, E. N., Trotsenko, I. D., Bozhenko, V. K., Rozhkova, N. I., Kharchenko, N. V., Kudinova, E. A., Bliznyukov, O. P., Kiandarian, I. V., Trotsenko, I. D., Pulito, C., Terrenato, I., Sacconi, A., Biagioni, F., Mottolese, M., Blandino, G., Muti, P., Falvo, E., Strano, S., Mori, F., Sacconi, A., Ganci, F., Covello, R., Zoccali, C., Biagini, R., Blandino, G., Strano, S., Palmer, G. A., Wegdam, W., Meijer, D., Kramer, G., Langridge, J., Moerland, P. D., de Jong, S. M., Vissers, J. P., Kenter, G. G., Buist, M. R., Aerts, J. M. F. G., Milione, M., de Braud, F., Buzzoni, R., Pusceddu, S., Mazzaferro, V., Damato, A., Pelosi, G., Garassino, M., de Braud, F., Broggini, M., Marabese, M., Veronese, S., Ganzinelli, M., Martelli, O., Ganci, F., Bossel, N., Sacconi, A., Fontemaggi, G., Manciocco, V., Sperduti, I., Falvo, E., Strigari, L., Covello, R., Muti, P., Strano, S., Spriano, G., Domany, E., Blandino, G., Donzelli, S., Sacconi, A., Bellissimo, T., Alessandrini, G., Strano, S., Carosi, M. A., Pescarmona, E., Facciolo, F., Telera, S., Pompili, A., Blandino, G., de Vriendt, V., de Roock, W., di Narzo, A. F., Tian, S., Biesmans, B., Jacobs, B., de Schutter, J., Budzinska, E., Sagaert, X., Delorenzi, M., Simon, I., Tejpar, S., Zhu, Y., Wang, H. K., Ye, D. W., Denisov, E., Tsyganov, M., Tashireva, L., Zavyalova, M., Perelmuter, V., Cherdyntseva, N., Kim, Y. C., Jang, T., Oh, I. J., Kim, K. S., Ban, H., Na, K. J., Ahn, S. J., Kang, H., Kim, W. J., Park, C., Abousamra, N. K., El-Din, M. S., Azmy, E. A.  Sat, 14 Jul 2012 09:44:33 -0700
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Matthew Dejong's Story The reason behind my name ...
Matthew Dejong  Thu, 02 Jun 2011 07:24:26 -0700
But not to long after-words my mother became pregnant with me and gave birth to me and she truly believed it was like god's apology/gift, and i believe that to. Matthew was one of jesus's followers in the bible and a follower of ...

Suspect Admits To Shooting Young Palauan In Colorado ...
Oceania TV News  Thu, 09 Jan 2014 20:57:10 -0800
As reported by Colorado's Fox 21 News online, 30-year-old Matthew Dejong admitted to shooting at 19-year old U.S. Army Private Olajuwon “Olai” Kumangai on New Year' day in Colorado Springs. Dejong however couldn't ...

DeJong Days: Work and Play in CA
John De Jong  Fri, 06 Sep 2013 15:37:00 -0700
James had a great time and Mathew fell asleep in about 2 minutes. We then headed out to Oakland and the kiddos slept almost the entire way. Awesome time mixing work and fun and it was good to have the family along.

New Population of Bushbabies Discovered in Northern Kenya
Yvonne de Jong & Thomas Butynski  Wed, 23 Jan 2013 10:34:03 -0800
Yvonne de Jong is a National Geographic grantee working to track down what may be Africa's least understood large animal, the Desert Warthog. ——. During our research to better define the geographical range of the desert ...

Quest for Kenya´s Desert Warthog – News Watch
Yvonne de Jong & Thomas Butynski  Fri, 07 Dec 2012 10:01:04 -0800
Yvonne de Jong is a National Geographic grantee working to track down what may be Africa's least understood large animal, the Desert Warthog. ——. There are two species of warthog, the common warthog (scientific name ...

Raising Money & Awareness for The Vagina Monologues |
Ellie Nan Storck  Wed, 19 Feb 2014 08:14:53 -0800
The other ten percent goes to One Billion Rising,” explains Dejong. Susanna Mathews '16, co-chair of supplementary events, explained that the majority of the money is raised through ticket sales, but money also comes from ...

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