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Blogs on Paige Reef

Reef launches new technology for footwear and sandals ...
unknown  Tue, 15 Jul 2014 10:15:00 -0700
Reef launched a new footwear technology called Swellular to help expand the brand's closed-toed footwear offering, and to support the continued growth of its sandal program as well. ... We just re-signed Mick Fanning, and along with Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, and Taylor Knox and on the women's side, Tia Blanco, Paige Maddison and Alana Blanchard, the entire team is behind Swellular. Our head-to-toe ambassadors will push Surfaris as well, lead by Luke ...

De Passage by Reef | Surfagram Blog
surfagram  Mon, 16 Jun 2014 01:13:08 -0700
After the exploration of the tropical wonderland that is Tahiti with a crew of Rob Machado, Alana Blanchard, Shane Dorian, Kai Otton, Nick Rozsa, Cyrus Sutton, Luke Davis, Tia Blanco and Paige Maddison, Reef set sails and ...

Lex Weinstein: Tahiti Talks with Reef Athletes // Paige ...
Lex Weinstein  Tue, 07 May 2013 02:55:00 -0700
Sharing close quarters and working long hours on the shoot in Tahiti, I had the pleasure of getting to spend lots of time with the two beautiful and talented Reef athletes on the trip. It felt less like work and more like playing ...

Reef and Run – 500m Swim Results July 17, 2014
jfmwebdesign  Thu, 17 Jul 2014 20:45:22 -0700
538, 43, Paige Kieding, 11, 11.37, 43. 547, 44, Lucy Ford, 7, x, 11.49, 44. 524, 45, Sandy O'Meara, 67, 11.52, 45. 525, 46, Lisa Holzman, 54, 11.59, 46. 515, 48, Hannah Bordofsky, 9, x, 12.29, 47. 520, 49, Connor Trost, 12 ...

DE PASSAGE – | 90265 Magazine
admin  Tue, 24 Jun 2014 20:12:49 -0700
... short about traveling surfers' surreal life on the road starring Reef Ambassadors Alana Blanchard, Mick Fanning, Luke Davis, Tia Blanco, Rob Machado, Kai Otton, Shane Dorian, Mikala Jones, Taylor Knox, Paige Maddison, ...

This New Surf Film of Reef Will Definitely Blow Your Mind ...
Michael Eijansantos  Thu, 19 Jun 2014 05:47:33 -0700
Froth yourselves with this new surf film from Reef featuring Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Alana Blanchard, Shane Dorian, Kai Otton, Nick Rozsa, Cyrus Sutton, Luke Davis, Tia Blanco, Paige Maddison, Courtney Eaton, ...

Local Shizuoka Fish at Parche Fish Market in Shizuoka City ...
dragonlife  Mon, 16 Jun 2014 17:22:24 -0700
Aoriika/あおりいか/Bigfin Reef! That was for the super fresh fish and seafood! Let's look at the other offerings! SN3O0297. Kuromutsu/黒むつ/Black gnomefish! SN3O0298. Kamasu/かます/Barracuda! Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I was ... Navigating Nagoya by Paige, Shop with Intent by Debbie, BULA KANA in Fiji, Kraemer's Culinary blog by Frank Kraemer in New York,Tokyo Food File by Robbie Swinnerton, Green Tea Club by Satoshi Nihonyanagi in Shizuoka!, Mind ...

Paige and David / Ocean reef engagement session | Merari ...
admin  Thu, 08 Aug 2013 07:18:25 -0700
Paige and David live in Texas but came down for to spend some time with their families at Ocean Reef. Paige wanted some sunny and bright beach photos, but alas, the good old Miami weather was being a little dramatic that ...

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